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Key West has more to offer than just beaches and bars. There are a variety of attractions that tourists travel from all over the country to see. For those who aren’t beach bums, there is a whole different world to explore.


Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

One popular attraction is the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Held in a Spanish colonial-style mansion that dates back to 1851. It was the home of its namesake author and his wife. Many of the couple’s personal belongings remain on display in the museum. This includes antiques purchased in Europe. As a hunter, Hemingway filled the house with the skins and trophies of the animals he hunted in the wild. Tourists love this house because it is where Hemingway wrote classics such as “To Have and Have Not.”


Mallory Square

Tourists also make it a point to visit Mallory Square, which is found in Old Town, located on Wall Street. This waterfront plaza looks out over the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for its beautiful sunsets and tourists also flock there for its food vendors, street performers, and art & crafts exhibits.


Harry S. Truman Little White House

The Harry S. Truman Little White House is another must-see in Key West. In 1890 it was the naval station’s headquarters for the duration of the Spanish-American War, as well as WW1 and WW2. During the Cold War, Truman would retreat to this house for some relaxation. Today it serves as a meeting place for the leaders of the country but is also considered a museum. Items found in the museum include documents such as trip logs. These logs note the dates that Truman visited the house and the names of the people he met while staying there.


Audubon House & Tropical Gardens

Another mansion that is open for the public to view is the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens. Dating back to 1840, the mansion was originally set to be demolished in 1958 before donors put a stop to the demolition. It was converted into a museum that shows how wealthy families lived throughout the 19th century. Items in the museum include hand-painted lithographs and various pieces of period furniture. The gardens feature orchids, bromeliads, tropical palms, and crotons. Visitors are invited to walk the pathway through the gardens.