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Those visiting Miami should know that locals rave about the nightlife. As a party city, it has plenty of places where anyone can let their hair down after dark. With so many things to do, it’s never easy to get bored in Miami.

Ball & Chain

One of the best places to go at night is Ball & Chain, which is a popular spot for locals. Known for its live music, this venue hosted performances by legendary musicians such as Chet Baker, and Billie Holiday. Even today, bands play there regularly. A night at Ball & Chain includes dancing and drinking at the full-service bar, which sells tapas for those looking for a bite to eat along with their drink.

Purdy Lounge

For a less crowded nightlife experience, visitors to Miami are urged to spend an evening at the Purdy Lounge. Though it is located away from the typical tourists’ areas, that doesn’t deter them from seeking it out anyway. With a 70s feel to it, the lounge features everything from Lava lamps to classic board games. Visitors to the lounge can sip quality drinks, listen to music and even break out backgammon, checkers and other similar games.

Basement Miami

Among the ultimate entertainment spots in Miami is a venue known as Basement Miami. It encompasses a bar, nightclub, a skating rink, and a bowling alley, all under one roof. The venue got its name because it is located on the bottom floor of the Mid-Beach Edison Hotel. When celebrities are in town, this is often their after-hours venue of choice. It is one of the hottest places in Miami to drink and dance, with a DJ on hand to run the show.

No 3 Social

No 3 Social is another popular spot for Miami nightlife. It is one of the few rooftop lounges in the city and provides excellent views of the skyline. Entertainment at this venue includes DJ, and live band nights, as well as a cinema night and a generous happy hour that even applies on the weekends. Cocktails and small dishes are served at the upscale bar.

Beaker and Gray

Beaker and Gray is the nightspot for those who want to relax. Its cocktail bar and food menu regularly attract locals and tourists looking for a calm night out on the town.